Springtown Inn


Springtown Inn 1906

This postcard featuring the Springtown Inn was postmarked at 6 AM on August 16, 1906.

In 1763, Stephen Twining sold 300 acres of land along with a grist mill and saw mill to Abraham Funk and the village of Springtown was born.

The first post office in Springtown was established in 1806 and a telegraph line started in 1882. By the 19th Century, Springtown was a thriving community with the grist and saw mill, tannery, blacksmith, shops, bakery, flour mill, tool handle works, canning factory, fertilizer factory, dairies, general store, cigar store, marble and granite works, and the Global Mutual Insurance Company. The first fire brigade was organized in 1855 and the volunteer fire company incorporated in 1935.

The Springtown Times was founded in 1855 and remained in circulation until 1918. The Springtown Water Company was incorporated in 1895 and its reservoir still supplies the town’s water today. In 1896, Henry Funk began construction of the Quakertown & Eastern Railroad. The Q&E provided passenger and freight service between Springtown and Pleasant Valley to Easton or Philadelphia. The village had four churches, three schools, and a music and library society. Still surviving today are two active churches, the fire company, the water company, and the Springtown Inn.

Springtown Inn

A bakery wagon appears in the left on this photo from the early 1900s. The bakery was located next door to the Inn.

The Springtown Hotel has been in continuous operation for a longer period of time than any other hotel in Springfield Township. It was built around 1830 by Christopher Witte. He sold the hotel to Joseph R. Hess in 1860. Hess operated the hotel for eight years until his son, Owen B. Hess, became owner and operator in 1868. Later the hotel passed into the hands of Tobias Hess Huber, Titus Richards (1876), Samuel F. Gehman (1888), John J. Lambert (1889), Mr. Borda (1930), Frank and Julie Fischer (1938), Robert Kosman (1974), and Robert Weinbel (1987). The Springtown Inn passed hands one last time in February 2005 to the Monach family.